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What Would Cause A Buck To Have Three Horns?

Does anyone know the truth to why a buck sometimes grows more than two horns from his rack? I had a buck hanging out around my stand that had three horns. Not just one side was odd looking, both sides of the rack was abnormal. I know I have heard that if a buck as an injury on one side of its body, the opposite side rack will be deformed. But this buck rack on both side was funky looking! Looking through my scope at him I could see one side was high and massive, with little points that split off from the main point itself, and that side of his rack also had an area that was flatter than normal. The other side of his rack which was not has high, but that side had two different horns, it wasn't nearly as high, and it didn't have many points coming from it, but it did have point on those two as well. Anyway, does anyone know why?
By the way, I actually missed this buck because I already had these pictures of him and when I seem him following a doe, I had to wait for him to come into an more open area and that seemed like forever for him to do that.But he did and I had "buck fever" so bad! I even had time to put my head down and not look at him to try and stop shaking, but I just flat out missed this buck when I shot!

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What Would Cause A Buck To Have Three Horns?

Last year, I had a buck that had three antlers. He was an impressive deer with a great rack. This year he was a normal 10 point. I hunted his sheds all spring and was not able to find them. I would say, most of the time, it is from an injury when in young velvet growth stage.

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What Would Cause A Buck To Have Three Horns?

Yea, I would think that is a injury to his pedicle.

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