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What, when, and where was your first firearm?

My dad was a gunsmith and did it more for the pleasure than for the $$
He would not allow me to have a BB gun as a kid, claimed they just taught bad habits as a result of most not believeing that they were "really" dangerous. Not sayin that he was right, just sayin it was his belief.
First firearm:
Winchester .22 pump with an octagon barrel at 10 yrs old. Lost it to a thief in the early 70's along with the rest of our firearm except for a Mossberg 500 I bought with paper route $$ from Herters in 1965. It was at my uncles home when the other guns were stolen. Oh, and dad had a 1/2 dozen surplus mauser actions stored in the attic for later builds, that they did not find.
That was over 35 yrs ago and I'm still p. o. about it!

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What, when, and where was your first firearm?

JJD there just some things you just dont get over. Shame on You!


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