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Yeah Marty...this will be 4th season. I do not have the tag this year, but three of my friends do so I will just be a scout & meat lugger as I get time off.

I am still going in Dec from the 4th-15th. That's the season, but will leave at least one day early, and would come back as soon as I bag. Will not be getting paid for the time off, but the new job seems ok with it.


And Russ...you know I have been packed for weeks now...now get over here and help me sew up the new (OLD) tent! I know your skinny rearend wants to stay dry & warm right? Wink


Hey everyone else...You know how you know your hunting buddy is too scrawny? ...when you pack more game on your back than he weighs with all his gear!!Laugh ::laugh2

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Dang marty thats messed

Dang marty thats messed up.::crybaby1  Im not that skinny! LOL. And hey all you have to do is call and let me know what you are doing and ill be there!!! And the answer to gooses question is yes we will both be in 4, as heavy c and i are going to hunt together this year.

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I find i see the most deer in

I find i see the most deer in western oregon when the rain is coming in sideways. Most hunters will stay away but thats when i like to go.

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Cool, calm, right before

Cool, calm, right before either a storm front or cold front moves through.  Maybe only an hour, or even when it first starts to flurry/drizzle.....

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I dream of 1.5 inches of snow

I dream of 1.5 inches of snow the night before opening morning and another inch every night there after. I've gotten animals in just about every weather though. I'm not a big fan of strong, sustained winds.

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