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What was your first game animal?

What was the first game animal you hunted and what was the first big game animal you harvested?I would say my first game animal was a grouse,my father used to line up a .410 from the drivers seat of our blazer and tell me when to pull the trigger,i was about 4 or five when we first hunted grouse this way.The first large game animal I killed was a Sitka deer I shot on our friends game ranch in Texas when I was 11,the first big game animal I took on a real hunt was a black bear I shot the summer I turned 12.

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What was your first game animal?

Whitetail Doe with my bow at 13 yrs old. Rabbits where abundant then too so I think my first small game animal was the same season and it must have been a rabbit. The deer was first though

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What was your first game animal?

My first small game was a squirrel. From the time I was big enough to walk on my own I would go on squirrel hunts with my dad and his buddies. Those are some of my best childhood memories even though they aren't all that long ago.

My first big game animal was a whitetail spike when I was 15 yrs old it took me a long time, a lot of work, and a few cut shirt-tails to get there but it was all worht it.

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What was your first game animal?

my first game animal would be quail, I was 10 or 11 and boy was my mom mad becuase I shot up the bird feeder that she would fill daily for the quail. Big game animal would be a deer and I was 14 muley doe.

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What was your first game animal?

My first animal I shot would have been a squirell if I remember correctly. I had been with my father many times when he bagged animals but when it was me that actually killed a living thing for the first time I was almost sick to my stomach. I got over it quickly and never turned back.

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What was your first game animal?

My first game animal was a big fat fox squirrel. I didn't even realize I had hit him right when I shot, but I remember my friend's words perfectly ''you vaporized him!'' I had never eaten squirrel before that day, we bagged 5 all together. Not bad tasting, we used garlic, butter, and salt and pepper.

Since then, I've taken deer, turkey, woodchuck, coyote, crow, cowbird, dove, raccoon, possum, and a feral cat. I don't think I ever felt sick about it, even the first time. I think right when I bagged my first deer I may have thought something like ''did I really just do that?'' I've also done some slaughterhouse-type work since I started hunting, some of the facts surrounding that would probably apall many people even on this site.

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What was your first game animal?

Squirrel. I used to love squirrel hunting as a kid until I moved out West. Funny how a lot of folks in Montana give you the wierdest look when you tell them you used to eat squirrel. Nobody hunts tree rats out there much. But you can pay 'em back when you talk about burning oak in the woodstove.

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What was your first game animal?

Pheasant. My parents both grew up in Sidney, NE. Perhaps you've heard of it--home to Cabela's. We lived in Omaha, but went out to Sidney several times a year; always at least once during pheasant season.

Starting when I was about 9 or 10, my dad and grandad would take me with them. When I got to be about 11 or 12 they let me carry a .410 shotgun. Don't exactly remember how old I was, but probably 13 or 14 when I shot my first pheasant. You guys can probably relate, but non-hunters can't even BEGIN to imagine how proud I was when we had MY pheasant for dinner!

First "big game" animal was a whitetail that I shot while living in North Carolina. That was many years later, when I was about 26 or 27.

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What was your first game animal?

First kill was also first big Game kill. Wasn't allowed to hunt with anything larger than a BB gun until after the "Big Score" as related here:


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What was your first game animal?

first animal i ever killed was a chipmunk and thats a day i remeber like anything for some reason it just sticks in my head, other then that my first big game aniaml was a 3 point whitetail

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What was your first game animal?

a wild boar was my first big game ainimal. a rabbit was the first small game ainimal. by the way a bear was my second then came the deer.

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