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What type of guns do you have?

Ya Atomikall I like the chalange of them. Infact I took one bear hunting last night. I had a sow and three cubs come into the bait. fun to watch.
It shure goes along with your thought on one shot one kill. Be shure of your shot placement aand you can go home with a good feeling.

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What type of guns do you have?
ChesterGolf wrote:
atomikall wrote:
Laugh chester Thumbs up . I got a few but now that I seen that list it makes mine look like a joke.

I just sold a couple (rem 742 and 7400) and want to get a couple more. I am looking at getting an AR-15 and 9 shot tactical pump shotgun for 3-gun competitions. The wife thinks I have too many now! Think I only hunt with a handfull of them so those are really the only ones she can count.... right? Evil! Think Thumbs up

these are some ok sites

the freedom ventures is in halifax and the sell ar-15's
quite a pretty penny though!
i live in brooklyn west hants n.s

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What type of guns do you have?

I got my handgun through freedom ventures and shoot IPSC with the owner. He is a great guy and I will definitely get it through him when the deed goes down. He has a Mossberg 590 tactical pump 12 that caught me eye as well. Thumbs up

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What type of guns do you have?

I only need one to defend my family and I think I have enough shells to go with it the bad guys better bring alot of ammo to keep up with me always got my chest full of ammo never know when a family member will need to borrow a gun and you cant give em an empty clip.

and to everyone else thanks and thanks for the sites man Ill check em out.

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What type of guns do you have?

I'm a lucky man. My wife has as many guns as I do.

We both have rifles, shotguns and handguns.

If the bad guys show up at my house, we'll both be shooting.......and hitting what we aim at. In the event of a long lasting seige and we run out of ammo, we'll send some arrows their way too.

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What type of guns do you have?

Thumbs up

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