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What type off calls?

I am going on my first elk hunt the first rifle season in Colorado (Oct. 9-13). Will calling be effective at this time. What kind of calls do you use? Are they easy to use?

Thanks, Kelly

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What type off calls?

By then the elk will be pretty much done bugling. Some bugling might be effective, but I wouldn't rely on it. A cow call is always useful and would be what I recommend for that time of year. The thing is, though, that you aren't going to call a bull from across a canyon with a cow call. What a cow call is really great for is when you get in close enough that the elk might hear you, and you accidentally make some noise, you can blow the call and make them think that what they just heard is another elk wandering through the forest. I have also stopped an elk that was trotting past by blowing a cow call and getting them to pause and look.

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What type off calls?

I don't use calls, but there are at least three squeeze type cow calls on the market. I've messed with them, but not while hunting. You just squeeze the call at it makes the sound, might be something to consider, can't get much easier than that....

Two are made by Carlton Calls the other is made by Primos (the hoochie mama).

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