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what treestand should i buy

i want a summit viper but my friends say an old man is the way to go for climbing fast but i want a comfortable stand. any suggestions?

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what treestand should i buy

I have used aTreelounge treestand for about 15 years. I made my own after seeing the stand in a video. I used Aluminium from old balcony railings and cored it with wood to minimize noise. The absolute most comfy stand I have ever hunted out of, I can stay in it all day long, no problem.

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what treestand should i buy

It depends on what type of hunting you do and how far you have to pack it in.
I don't think there's one climber that perfect for all situations. I have a summit and it's very comfortable, but not great for bowhunting and I have a lone wolf that's light and great for bowhunting, but not real comfortable.

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