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What size turkey load do you prefer?

What size and which offers the best deals. Thanks.



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The size that kills the bird!!! Sorry for the smart ass comment. I use remington 3" Turkey loads


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#5 2 and 3/4 inch 12 gauge shells

I like Remington's #5 shot in a 2 and 3/4 inch 12 gauge shell.

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I've been using up my old

I've been using up my old lead shot for my 10 ga. 3 1/2" shells loaded with BB shot. I haven't lost a turkey yet and with the rate that I am going I'll run out of these shells in about another couple hundred years. lol

Now if I drag out my 12ga I'll use 3" mag shells with #2 lead shot which I have a lot of also.

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turkey loads

I myself use federal 3" #5 or winchester 3"#5.

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12GA 3" #5 shot. This has

12GA 3" #5 shot. This has always worked for me.

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