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What shoots best rigyht out of the box ?

Yeah, I find that odd too. I'm relatively young and far, far from a seasoned hunter or shooter. However, I can't think of a good reason that a rifle would become inaccurate. Just doesn't make sense to me. Maybe you could fire 20 rounds in two minutes and cause your barrel to warp? But beyond abuse like this, why would a rifle permanently lose it's ability to group shots?

As for the manufacturing problems (burrs in the barrel), I think that's a crap shoot. Every manufacturer is going to produce a lemon once in a while and it's always possible that it will be the one you end up with. Weatherby Vanguard does have the prefired grouping, so that would seem to be pretty good assurance that the rifle shoots straight.

Otherwise, I still think that you're worrying too much about this (my opinion, obviously). Grab a Remington, Browning, Savage, Winchester, etc. and they'll all shoot pretty darn good out of the box.

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What shoots best rigyht out of the box ?

This rifle is an enigma as well as the new Remington 750. After more testing shooting and checking everything possible. I quit !
Bought a Brownoing A-bolt hunter II scoped it it with different rings and one of the scopes I suspected might be broke. 3 shots to sight in, 3 shot group a little over a 1/2" 12 oz coke bottles at 250 yards 3 for 3. I'm a happy camper. cool Ther other rifles were traded in, I hope someone else has better luck with them. It really hurt to get rid of the Remington 750, such a fine looking rifle.

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What shoots best rigyht out of the box ?

I like tikka rifles out of the box. my .300 mag and 7mm-08 took three rounds to zero, the .30-06 about 4 and then they hold true. tikkas are fairly cheap ($550-600) and work like a dream. I have never had a problem with any of my three tikkas except affording all the ammunition to shoot.

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