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Good to have you back. 

Good to have you back.  Thanks for the recap of the hunt.  You wrote, I went back many years while in the stand - back to squinting my eyes when I looked at them to keep eye contact out of the equation - man, it was like going back in time!  This is something that I learned, but still amazes me that you simply cannot look at the deer sometimes or they will detect you.  I was just thinking about it and it isn't that hard to really understand.

I think all of us have been in a room and get the feeling that someone is looking at us and we can usually figure what direction and who it is.  I suspect it is the same with deer who probably have a keener sense than we do.  So, while it is hard, i try not to look directly at the deer and often try to use quick glimpses or my periphal vision.

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Not really a member here,

Not really a member here, I've just been exploring some as I ponder getting back into hunting.  This thread brought back too many memories not to post in though.  I have only been bow hunting 1 season, but it was not one to forget.

My dad and I got onto a farm which didn't allow rifle hunters.  As pheasant season was starting up, the gun shots were driving deer into their little private sanctuaries like this.  We set up a tree stand for me at the edge of an open clearing.  I had a stream behind me and the trees on the other side narrowed to an opening of about 40 yards... a fairly nice pinch point for deer following either the stream or the tree line.

The first night we sat for about 4 hours... in those 4 hours I counted 150 deer... to say they were everywhere would be an understatement... or an overstatement as none walked near me :)  But this is not why the experience was memorable.

As time passed, temps got colder (November in ND, 4am... BRRRRRRR!)... I thought nothing of it.  I'm watching the tree line waiting for deer to move and then behind me I hear a big *CRUNCH*... I glance over my shoulder at the stream behind me... there he is... staring right at me... the largest white tail buck I have ever seen... 8 points each side (someone remind me how to count, 8 or 16?)... the darn stream had frozen solid and the bugger had walked across the stream.. it had never occured to me that the stream was solid and they could do that (hey, I'm blonde, sue me).  He didn't see me in the tree, may have caught my head movement but he wasn't nervous at all... simply staring at the tree trying to decifer the camo... he decides there's nothing to see and simply turns and saunters (deer that big don't walk, they saunter) away... I had probably 60* of field on either side of me, naturally he walked away completely covering himself with tree branches between him and I...

My dad got to my tree stand about 2 hours later after sundown... I was still shaking from the adrenaline.  To this day I wonder if I should have taken a shot... the branches were small... the arrow "might" have made it through... the bow was drawn and I had a bead on the base of his neck... didn't let loose though (not sure my fingers would have worked at that point anyhow).

Rifle hunting is fun... the thrill of the chase (not to mention getting to play with firearms, MUahahahahah)... but nothing beats having wild animals so close to you that you can smell them, touch them.

Oh yeah... and remember you shoot high out of a tree stand!  (would've been useful knowledge to know before missing... twice!)  Few things more frustrating than hair on the broadhead and nothing else!

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nemmert you summed it up very


you summed it up very well.

there is nothing like an encouter such as the one you have described!


sounds like you  were eye to eye with a giant buck.

i had that opportunity once and failed to seal the deal - darn it!

welcome to our group, pull up a chair and sit a while!



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Welcome to the site nemmert.

Welcome to the site nemmert. Like Jim said, you should stick around. It sounds like you have some good stories to tell and this is a great site to do that.

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LOL... not as many stories as

LOL... not as many stories as I'd like I'm afraid... gave up hunting when I went to college and refused to go out with those yahoo's in NJ... way too many people to be running around anywhere there's others with firearms!

Most of my stories are about my dad... the man couldn't hit a barnwall from the inside of a barn... my rifle was fired in the field 4 times... dropped 3 deer (2 for me, 1 for my uncle)... my dad's last "deer" was the one we hit with the truck driving into town after sundown :)  The one before that my uncle killed, when we got to it we found the deer had been hit in the ankle... they felt sorry for my dad and "figured out" that he'd been the one to hit it in the ankle... first hit, tag was his!

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New Bow

All this talk about the advantages and superior experience that comes from the 'up close and personal' aspect of bowhunting has me thinking of one of my Christmas presents - a new bow.

My #1 son (last of four children, the only boy, hence my 'favorite' son) presented me with a new bow - a longbow - that he had made from scratch!

I started out shooting a bow when I was 12 years old; a longbow sold by Sears and Roebuck. It was purchased by my dad who got involved in a bowhunters club and tried bowhunting for a few years before giving it up. It was originally rated at 50#, but when I used it to get my Boy Scout acrhery merit badge when I was 14, it was put on a scale and tested at 31#.

I learned to shoot it instinctively and recall setting out empty laundry detergent boxes at the base of a terrace in our backyard. From about 20 yards I could pick those boxes off one after another without hardly ever missing.

By the time I decided to get into bowhunting I had purchased a Bear Recurve, and from there went to compound.

Now I have the opportunity to go back to a longbow, and I can't wait until Spring to start shooting it in the back yard. I'd start now, but I'm sure I would soon loose all my arrows under the snow.

We'll see how it goes to decide whether or not I use it for next bow season. If I do, I'll have to get up closer and more personal than I have been in a long time!



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