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What round for 7mm-08

I will be going out west fall 2008 and i will be using my 7mm-08. I was wondering what round would be ideal for antelope? thanks.

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What round for 7mm-08

120 Nosler Ballistic Tips and 140 grain Sierra Game Kings come to mind.

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What round for 7mm-08

Welcome to both you guys. The 7mm-08 is not a lot unlike the 7x57. I used to shoot 154 gr bullets in my 7x57's because they shot so well. But I think if I could have got the 139/140 gr bullets to shoot better, I'd have used them more.

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What round for 7mm-08

I'd stick with whatever you are shooting now. The 7mm - 08 is plenty of rifle for antelope with any hunting bullet. Accuracy and knowing the rifle and how it shoots are far more important than anything.

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What round for 7mm-08

Federal Premium 140 grain with Nosler Balistic Tips or Winchester Supreme with 140 grain Balistic Silvertips. Either one of these should be very accurate, give you great long range performance, and be just the right type of bullet to take down your 'lope. Have a great hunt!

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