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What round?

I got a Rem 7 mm mag HS Precision stock, floated barrel and a Nikon Monarch 4 x 16 x50 scope and it shoots about anything real good. What I'm wondering is, what would be a good factory round for antelope at maybe 300 yards. Something that would make a good clean kill but not do alot of meat damage. I don't reload yet but planning to do so in the future but for now I need a good factory load for antelope. Any suggestions?

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Killed two antelope with the 7 mag, both 175 gr bullets. One a trophy bonded bear claw the other a hornady interlock. Both minimal meat damage with broadside lung shots at 200 and slightly over 300 yards. You don't need bullets that heavy for goats but I was using what I had been dialed in for previous elk hunts they did fine. Any bullet in the 7 mag from 120 gr to 175 should do fine with minimal damage if you don't hit bone. Lighter bullets will give you a slightly flatter trajectory.

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I agree

i agree - any factory loaded 7mm Rem mag would be just fine.

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I don't know what is

I don't know what is avaliable in factory loads. But I would also go with the heavier bullet's. My favorite bullet when I was shoioting one was a 160gr. Anything lighter started to tear things up to much.

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