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What rifles for the elk hunt this year?

Obviously you get better sectional density with the 250 grained bullets thus giving you better penetration. The 250 won't shoot quite as flat as the 225, but the difference is negligable in relation to the added benefit of increased sectional density. Of course, if you're just using it on deer or elk, a 225'er soft point might be better, but I'd look into the 250's for moose. You can actually load 338 win mags with bullets up to 300 grains... talk about SD!

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What rifles for the elk hunt this year?

Winchester 70 1951 vintage

.270 Winchester

Leupold glass

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What rifles for the elk hunt this year?

CZ 550 American in 308 Winchester with 180 gr. Nosler Partitions from Federal.

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What rifles for the elk hunt this year?

I have never hunted Elk before but if I were to go I would definetly use my H&R in 30.06 loaded with 150gr accubonds or failsafes.

I am startin to like these lever guns and will eventually get me one. Leaning heavily toward a 45-70 of .444. Seen a huge bull elk fall flat on his face after being hit with a .444 and the new lever evolution(on the outdoor channel)

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What rifles for the elk hunt this year?

Mod 70 .270WSM with 140gr Accubonds

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What rifles for the elk hunt this year?

Took a cow elk with one shot using this setup (150 yards)

Rem 700 w/ bushnell elite 3x9 optics
270 w/ 150gr nosler partition

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What rifles for the elk hunt this year?

If, I pull a muzzleloader tag it'll be the TC Omega 50 cal again. If not and I have to go over the counter rifle it'll be the Howa 7MM Mag.

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What rifles for the elk hunt this year?

I use a Remington Sendero 7mm RUM with a 139 gr Hornady SST Interbond. I've taken two bulls and three bucks since I bought it in 2005. I love this gun. Good luck and good hunting!

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What rifles for the elk hunt this year?

Here's part of a reply I left on another thread,
*** "Here is my personal experience. I have recovered two 338 Win Mag bullets from Elk. One shot, on a laser site, was 371 yards, the bullet started out as a 210 gr Partition, it hit a rib going in and ended up just under the hide on the opposite side and ended up 192 gr. The other lasered at 427 yards. It hit a rib going in and a rib going out before the hide stopped it. It weighed 186 gr." ***

I love my 338wm, I have two back up's that I take, a Rem 700 BDL 270 with 150 gr Nosler partitions and for short range, thick brush country I use a Marlin lever in a 450 mag. Any of those three I think are good choices. Of course there are lots of "newer" calibers that are great, the Ultra Mags are awesome, the 325wsm sounds like a very good choice.

I think the bottom line is this, that when the smoke all settles if you hit the animal in a vital spot with a caliber that retains enough energy for the range shot you have made you will have a successful hunt.

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What rifles for the elk hunt this year?

I think Ill be using my Remington 700 SSL 7mm Mag , 175 gr this year. Its my favorite rifle. Ill be using it for deer this year as well. Makes one hell of an all round rifle. I also shot my first elk with this rifle. Just a cow.....but I kinda consider it good luck....lol.....


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