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I will be using my custom Ruger M77 tang safety 30-338 for elk and probably use my little Remington Mohawk 600 in 243 for whitetail.

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ruger m77 stainless 270wsm

ruger m77 stainless 270wsm 140 gr accubond for both deer and elk

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which rifle

Here in Komifornia I use a Rem. 700 270 Colorado I use Rem 700 7mm although last year in colorado I killed my first DIY wilderness back pack hunt 6point bull Elk with my 270 one shot one kill drop him in his tracks.

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ER Shaw

I ordered 2 ER Shaw rifles after reading reviews a couple of years ago. They are on a 12-15 month build cycle and they came in last year just after season ended, so the kids will be using these this year for their rifle hunting. I got them in .270 and one has a little longer barrel, but both are beautiful rifles. After breaking them in I can't find a better shooting more accurate rifle for the money I paid for these. I only shoot factory ammunition, but at 200 yards I can get 5 shots through a hole about the size of my fingernail. The bonus, if you're military they sell them at the same price they sell to a dealer and will deal directly with you on the design and features you want. Only thing I wish I had done differently, I opted for the beautiful stocks on both guns and wish I had chosen the black synthetic so I wouldn't worry about scratching them. I suppose the good news is I can always replace the stock easy enough.

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Mark V Deluxe Weatherby in

Mark V Deluxe Weatherby in .340mag!

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Rem 700  300 Weatherby! I

Rem 700  300 Weatherby! I have taken 16 elk with it.