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California........Rem 700 in a 7mm rem mag........sighted-in with CA non lead crap

Colorado.........My sons Tikka T3 lite 300WSM...........for Elk

Arizona...........My Custom Tikka 300WSM...........Kiabab Mule deer

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Man you pull some great tags, don't you? Can't wait to see how that turns out

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If my new stock makes it in

If my new stock makes it in I'll use my tc encore 50 ml for deer in southern NM. If not a traditions 50 

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What rifle/maker will you be shooting this big game season?

This past July I took my .300 Weatherby Vanguard with 168 gr Barnes TTSX bullets to South Africa for a plains game hunt.  I'll be using that same combo next month for Montana elk.

Next Saturday I'll be carrying my trusty old Mark X mauser in .257 AI with 115 gr Nosler Ballistic tip bullets for eastern Montana Pronghorn antelope.  I'll also use this combo later in the season for Montana mule or whitetail bucks.

If the weather is wet and nasty on any of these hunts I'll use my stainless Rem 700 in 7 mm Rem mag with 160 gr Nosler Accubonds.

I'll also have a Wolf tag in my pocket on those hunts and any of these rifles would be good medicine for one of those nasty creatures. Big smile

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I'm a one rifle kind of guy.

I'm a one rifle kind of guy.  We have several different rifles, but for hunting big game I just can't seem to grab anything other than my trusty old Remington 760 Gamemaster in 30-06.  I've been shooting this gun since I was 14 and have the confidence that it will hit exactly where I'm aiming and knockdown whatever it hits.

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Colorado for elk next week

Colorado for elk next week 325wsm in a Browning X Bolt

Here in Ohio for Whitetail a TC encore Pro Hunter 50cal. If I haven't tagged out with my Mathews Z7

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Hunting Muleys

I will be using my Remington Sendero 7MM RUM running 139 gr Hornady GMX's. My son will be also using it for his 1st season bull tag.


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I will be using my brothers

I will be using my brothers loaner 30-06 for whitetails over Thanksgiving in OK, and Remington 7mm Mag 700 CDL with 160 gr. NP and 61 gr. of RL-22 for cow elk in Gunnison over Christmas break.

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What Rifle will I be using

Will be using the Ruger 300 win mag next week for antelope, I know a little over kill but it is the only one I sited in this year. Then for 2nd season bull elk & Mullie Buck in CO same.

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.300 Weatherby Vanguard for

.300 Weatherby Vanguard for Mulies and Browning 25-06 A bolt for Deer and smaller.