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What rifle/maker will you be shooting this big game season?

What rifle maker and caliber will you be using for big game this fall?

I will be hunting with a Marlin X7S 308. and my cousin will be using a weatherby 300win.

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CVA muzzleloader for ML and

CVA muzzleloader for ML and rifle seasons.

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Remington Model 700 in 300 Win Mag.


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cheap guy with kids

As I was under budget constraints when I purchased several years ago, I shoot a Remington 710 in 30-06.  I know they get a bad wrap but mine has served me well and only set me back $299 out the door with optics when new.  BTW the first group out of the box on the bore sight was 1.5".  Truth be told the gun is probably better than me anyway :)  That being said....I lust after a DPMS in 338 Federal.  Having shot them for so long, I love ARs.

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Sargent First Class

As long as the rifle is hunting accurate it's all you need. Don't need no 1000 dollar rig to put em down.

I need to get my 338 win mag back from the smith. I took it in to get glass bedded and free floated and recrowned. I'll use that for my plains deer elk hunt if ready in time. Im using my Rem 700 adl 30-06 for antelope next week and if the 338's not ready I'll use it. Shooting the 168 Berger at 2800 fps grouping 2 1/2 groups at 300 with this load. Shot at 400 yesterday using my bottom thick post as an aiming point and got 5 inch 3 shot groups 3 inches below the bull. I know some dont like the Bergers but I already killed a cow elk with this load and it worked fine.

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I was going to use my dads

I was going to use my dads old 300 Savage this year just to revive it but since I have two deer tags in areas that the chances of shooting a 200 pt buck deer are very high I may just use my .340 Weatherby. I have it shooting sub moa at 200 yards and I know that any animal within 600 yards is meat on the table, that along with every shot that I have take with it at a animal has been a kill shot. But then again I may just take my old 77 Ruger 7mm mag out also, it has never failed me in the 37 years that I have owned it.

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Thompson Encore in .308

Thompson Encore in .308 Winchester.  

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I'll be using my 280 rem

I'll be using my 280 rem model 700 mountain rifle or my AR 30 338 lapua depending on the shot/ stalk distance on my pronghorn hunt next week. I know the lapua might be a little much by I have been dying to shoot something with it

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Not sure

Probably take my .264 win mag out for antelope. Not sure what else though. Was a Hoyt alpha max 32 for elk. Probably  my 7mm rem mag for deer and cow elk, unless the weather is bad. If so then the .264 will prob come out. Or maybe the 8mm-06 ackley improved

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1. Wyoming antelope...Tikka

1. Wyoming antelope...Tikka ...270wsm

2. Colorado deer & elk...Remington 700 7mm Remington mag.

3. Texas deer & hogs...Ruger Hawkeye .35 Whelen

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Hunting season in progress

So far I have already used my 50 cal TC Hawken that I built as a kit 30 years ago to take both a bull moose and a cow elk here in Colorado. Last night and this morning I used my Remington 700 .243 to take 2 doe antelope in Wyoming (the same rifle I have used since I was 12 years old and I have taken at least 25 antelope a few deer with it). Next up is 2 more doe antelope tags for WY next weekend to use the .243 again. Then is a bull elk hunt (CO 2nd rifle season) which I will use my Savage 116 (Alaskan Model) in 338 mag, and then a whitetail deer hunt in CO to use my Savage 110 in 7mm mag. Then comes goose season...