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what rifle?

I am new at hunting well not new i been going hunting with my dad all my life but i just turned 18 and what to start hunting on my own and i was wondering what size caliber rifle and what acton would be best for hunting whitetail deer in northern PA one of my dads friends owns a farm where its mostly woods and corn feilds my dads other friend owns a house up on blue montain. if anybody can help it is greatly apprecitated

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what rifle?

A bolt action rifle is the best, easiest to clean, minimal maintenance, most accurate.
The 30.06 is by far the most versatile with quite a variety of bullet weights available.
There are hundreds of posts on this very subject in the Firearm section

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what rifle?

Ditto what Hammer said. If you search the forums you will find more infomation than you will ever need on that very subject. Thumbs up

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what rifle?

30-06 is a good all around caliber that will fit a lot of game animals and shells are easy to get for the 06 just about anywhere. Another good caliber for deer is the 270.

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what rifle?

.303 Brit

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what rifle?

In Pa semi-autos are illegal to hunt with.
If I were you, I would get in good with the man that owns the farm land. More and bigger deer in the agricultural areas of the state. Blue mountain is nice too.....lots of room to roam there but typicaly the antlers will be smaller unless they can come down off the mountain and find some farm crops.

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