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What pull weight for crossbow deerhunting?

Hello from Germany,

being new to the bow hunting stuff I want to start with a recurve crossbow. What will be the adequate pull weight for deerhunting and how about the best arrows to use.



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What pull weight for crossbow deerhunting?

Crossbows have a very short power stroke, so the draw weight must be much higher that for a conventional bow to get adequate killing power. Generally 150# or above is reccomended. Penetration is strongly affected by the total weight of the bolt & broadhead, as well. For that reason, I prefer cardon crossbow bolts.

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What pull weight for crossbow deerhunting?

I agree with the Proff 150 lbs plus. I use 175 lbs Excaliber with a 90 grain broad head out to 35 yards. Haven't lost one yet.

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