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Mathews Mission Menace 50lbs

Mathews Mission Menace

50lbs draw weight

25 3/4 in draw length

QAD Ultra-Rest arrow rest

Alpine bear claw quiver

TruGlo bright site xtreme

TruBlock mini stabalizer

and Paradox sling

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Alpine Frontier w/ a drop

Alpine Frontier w/ a drop away rest. Nothing fancy with the arrows and broadheads just some from wallyworld. I got it last year and it shoots right at 300fps at 60lbs of draw. I can hit the bullseye out to about 75 yards with my rig.

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good looking bows fellas.

good looking bows fellas.

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 A little different here. I

 A little different here. I shoot a Horton Legend 175 crossbow. I use the Rage 2 blade and Easton xx75 carbon arrows. However this year I may be investing in a Matthews Monster. The shop I buy my stuff at is having a huge sale on the 09' models. I won't use it for this season but next year is a definite possibility.

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Here's some pics of my Alpine

Here's some pics of my Alpine Frontier, Gold tip expedition hunters, eastman terminator 2 broadheads, Drop away rest, 3 pin tru glo, and 5 arrow quiver. I also have a carbon express fluflu with a judo point ready for the squirrls and coons.

Not to bad of a setup it shoots nice and flat and pretty fast. I was on some what of a budget when i got it last year.

100_1303.JPG2.31 MB
100_1310.JPG2.32 MB
100_1300.JPG1.27 MB
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Bow: Bear

Bow: Bear Assualt

Sight:Truglo micro-brite

Quiver: fuse satori light

Arrows: beman ics hunter elite

Broadheads:trophy taker shuttle t-lock

Rest:trophy taker smackdown

String:winners choice

it also has a stabilizer that our archery shop makes

 shoots great. deadly quite

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Matthews Ovation 32"

Matthews Ovation 32" draw

Spothogg SDP sight

Winners Choice strings

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Bowtech Patriot II It was a

Bowtech Patriot II

It was a 2007 Patriot rebranded as the Patriot II for sale at Sportsmans Warehouse... was a one-year deal they did with their own "Private Label" Bowtech.  Aparently Bowtech does not do clearance or outdated model sales... they buy up all the unsold bows and melt down the bodies for reuse.  In '07 Sportsmans Warehouse bought up all the unsold Patriots and set up this deal.

I got the bow for under $800 brand new, including the stuff I added... rest, site, quiver, etc... made my cousing insanely jealous because his 101st Airborne cost almost double that by the time he was done...

I keep it around 65lb draw, 31"

Carbon Express arrows tipped with 125gr Shuttle T's

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4 Dif bow's in the house

As you saw in my pictures, I have a 2010 Bowtech Destroyer 350, I also have a couple back up bows.

First is my 2007 High-country Iron Mace

I still have my 1998 Martin Rage

Last but not least the bow I killed my first deer with, my Darton SL-50

I had a 2004 Bowtech patriot but I Gave that to my dad for one of his rifles  

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