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What if your hunting buddy was gay?

Good answer!!!!!!!!! Thumbs up

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What if your hunting buddy was gay?

I work in television news, and believe me, I work with a lot of gays. I don't judge them, don't hold it against them, don't address it at all.

That said, as a hunter, my interests and experiences in the field have helped me be more in tune with the natural world and the natural order of things, in my opinion. I don't believe there is anything natural about homosexuality.

Certainly, if there is such a thing as being born gay, natural selection would quickly weed out the concept of a gay animal. In other words, animals that don't reproduce, cease to exist.

I don't really care if somebody is gay or not, but I've found that I just don't have enough in common with the gays I know to hang out, much less hunt together.

There's my two cents worth.

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What if your hunting buddy was gay?

It's offically a "tie"

This topic has the same number of responses as " What's your favourite rifle calibre" in the Firearm Section.

Heading now for the Firearms Section to post something. Wouldn't want this topic to get the trophy, but I think I'll need some help.

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What if your hunting buddy was gay?

I just finished posting one in "what's your favorite caliber, but I just negated that by posting this Brick Wall,) DAMN!
That Keotte or whatever "her" name was really opened a can of worms Big smile

I'll post something else in favorite caliber to help the cause.

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What if your hunting buddy was gay?

This thread still going on? Ooops, sorry hammer and red. Laugh Laugh

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you are sick

Pretty bad when, on a hunting forum, a post about "men who stick their manhood where other men evacuate their bowels" can get more responses than a post about hunting. America has truly fundamentally changed for the worse. You people make me sick.

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