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What to Hunt

Good Morning All--

Looking for a little advice. I'm a bowhunter from the Northeast(Massachusetts). I hunt Whitetail, Black Bear, Turkey, Coyote. My wife's friend lives in Albequrque, New Mexico. She offered up free room and board for anytime. What would be a good hunt and what area/guide would you suggest? Any help would be great!




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All the draws in New Mexico

All the draws in New Mexico have been compleated for this year and since all public land hunts are draw only you are out of luck this year.  Now guides and outfitters may have a private land tags but I would guess that they are booked for this year.  Preditors are fair game so you may want to check out their web site to see what you would like to do. 


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Check trophytakers and

Check trophytakers and huntinfool websites for landowners tags, they are pretty pricey.

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What To Hunt

Thanks Critter-

I hadn't planned on hunting this season in New Mexico, as I have a couple hunts lined up this fall. Also, thanks for the link to fish and game-pretty involved, I thought the Mass regs were difficult to read! WOW!

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Landownertags can be found

Landownertags can be found even in Alb. Journal want ads.Can be pricey,but some deals too.Put in for the draws next year and you have good chance,better than most states.

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What to hunt

Thanks for the information Henry!


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