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What gun will you be using this year?

Blackpowder opens here in NW Florida November 16th and I will be using my CVA Optima 209 Nickel/sythetic for about 3 days. Then come Thanksgiving I will move to my Weaterby 7mm RM. Two relatively inexpensive guns that have never let me down.

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What gun will you be using this year?

T.C. Omega. my favorite I love muzzle loaders.

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What gun will you be using this year?

I'll be using a Winchester model 1300 in 12 gauge. It's certainly nothing fancy, but it been responsible for the deaths of several deer in the hands of my grandfather. Now I'll be trying my luck with it.

I've always hunted with a Remington 870 in 20 gauge before.

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Trusty gun

I have hunted and shot a few deer before using a Marlin 30-30. I have since upgraded to a 308 and use 180 grain winchesters. This rifle has enough punch and accuracy and i trust it upto 175 yds. Took a 225 lb field dressed bruiser this fall at 130 yards with one shot to the neck and into the heart. It ran about 2 feet before dropping.

In my neck of the woods most hunt with a 30-06, 270 or 22-250 for whitetail. A 300 mag or a 7mm is just too much.

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