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Re: What gun to use while hunting caribou?

What weapon to use? I would go with one of the bigger calibers mentioned. Sept '01, four of us floated a little over 100 miles down Birch Creek. Wild and scenic trip, Gods country for sure. I, in my youth(ie- stupidity), took my bow to use while hunting. I had a 44 Mag pistol for backup but it didn't see like much insurance in such big country with BIG grizzlies around camp. We never saw any while we there. We did see huge tracks that would swallow both of your hands place side by side. So my suggestion would be to carry the biggest caliber of rifle you can shoot accurately. Take plenty of pictures to show us when you get back. Good luck and good hunting.

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Re: What gun to use while hunting caribou?

I use 22-250, anything thats like 30-06 is overkill, I've used 223 and 243 thpse are great. a .22 long rifle can kill a polar bear, no kiddin a full grown polar bear, lucky guy was trying to scare it away, accidently shot the bear on the paw, the bear went down, they check it out and it hit bone on the paw ricocheted to the heart. I caught 3 caribou like not too long ago with 22-250, doesn't make too much mess.

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I would go with maybe any of

I would go with maybe any of the .30 caliber(.300 WM, .308, 30.06) or maybe a .270.

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The 300 wsm is fast becoming a favourite of mine. A friend took one on a caribou hunt last year as a loner and bought it when he came back.

That would be my choice

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If I get a chance to go after

If I get a chance to go after them someday I will be packing my .340 Weatherby.  Not because they are so hard to bring down but because it is one nice shooting rifle. 

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If I could go on an alaskan

If I could go on an alaskan adventure I'd be taking both my 270 and my 338. Caribou would be getting hunted with the 270.

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If i had an oppertunity to

If i had an oppertunity to hunt caribou I would like to use a 270, but since i dont own one yet I would be forced to use my old trusty 30-06, I'm sure that would be more than enough gun for a caribou. I think a 270 would be perfect, and maybe a 308.

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I've hunted caribou three

I've hunted caribou three times.  The first time was a DIY hunt on the Alaska peninsula, and I used my .30 Gibbs shooting 180 gr Nosler Partitions. One of the guys with me on that trip normally uses his .22-250 for hunting here in Montana, but he thought he might need something bigger in case he ran into a bear, so he borrowed a 6mm Rem for that trip.

My second caribou hunt was in the MacKenzie mountains of Canada's Northwest Territories for mountain caribou.  That hunt was primarily for Dall sheep so I used my sheep rifle for that caribou.  That caribou was also the longest shot that I've taken on a caribou.  The 117 gr Sierra GameKing bullet from my .257 Ackley went completely through that bull at 250 yds and he dropped about 20 yds from where I shot him.

My last caribou hunt was east of Inuvik in the Northwest Territories for Central Canadian Barren Ground Caribou and Musk ox.  On that hunt I used a 7mm Rem mag with 160 gr Accubond bullets.  I shot two caribou there.  My Eskimo guide there told me that they do their subsistence caribou hunting with .223's.

All my caribou were broadside, behind the shoulder shots, and all were one shot kills.  With proper bullet placement, caribou are not that hard to kill.  A .30-06 with 150-180 gr bullets would work just fine.

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