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300 WSM with 180 grain bullet will do the trick.

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What gun to use while hunting caribou?

I hunted them for years (12)with an 06( 165 gr Core Lokts) and later with a 300(13( 180 noslers)not necessary but you are often in Grizz country and 300 better stopper for them--Shots can be as long as you want- but me I always tried to get ahead of them and waittill they were close--also never never went too far from camp-- tough carry on Tundra.

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What gun to use while hunting caribou?

I have been caribou hunting a few times and have never seen or shot at a bull over 200 yards. I"ve used my 7mm mag and a .270 when hunting them....both do very well. 175 grainNOS for the 7mm mag which was too heavy IMHO. A 150 grain would be just fine. For the .270, I used a 140 grain BTSP and it took down the bou just fine with one shot. Its all about being comfortable with what you shoot, and you don't need a big heavy caliber to hunt em.

Get ahead of them like WIdux says to. If they are walking away from you, you will have a difficult time catchin up. The tundra is nasty to walk in and they walk twcie as fast as you do at ease.

Take GOOD raingear. First trip to Alaska it rained 11 of the 10 days we hunted Laugh Laugh Laugh It was miserable. Don't take any cotton clothes cept for underwear. Remember Kotton Kills. GO all Fleece and GOOD Raingear can't be stressed enough along with good boots. You will be walking a bunch.

Kill as close to camp as you can. One pack we did was 6.5 miles by GPS. I hoped the bears ate everything we couldn't pack out the first day, cuz it was the most miserable day of my life. Worst than packin out a moose.

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What gun to use while hunting caribou?

Well, perhaps one thing to consider is the type of caribou you are going to be hunting. Alaska will have both Barren Ground and Woodland Caribou...and the Barren Ground Caribou are significantly smaller.

I've shot a Woodland caribou from about 200 yards with a 30.06 and the animal was picked up and thrown back about 12 feet. For me, the 30.06 is a little big....I like the suggestion above of a .243 or .270. I've shot plenty of Caribou with a .270. If you're hunting Barren Ground Caribou a 30.06 is unnecessary.

What is necessary, for sure, is that you practise as much as you can with the gun and bullets you plan to use.

just my 2 cents Think

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What gun to use while hunting caribou?

I used a 300 Win mag with 165 gr, Barns X bullets. My shot was 300 yards. I hunted in Alaska in 2004 on a self guided hunt on the Northern sloop of the brooks Range. 10 day drop hunt, no guide.

We had a big Grizzly come into our camp the 2nd day, what an adrenalin rush. He left without incident, thank god.

There were 3 of use that went and we saw thousands of Caribou and all of us got a nice one.

I like the 300 Win Mag for them long shots, and it works great with the up close shots as well.

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What gun to use while hunting caribou?

Anything that you would use on deer beyond 200 yards will work fine....from the smallest .20 cal's to the lower .30's...anything else larger is preference only, not needed.

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What gun to use while hunting caribou?

I have taken 2 bou.
I used a 30.06, worked just fine at that time.

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What gun to use while hunting caribou?

i shot my two bou with a .257 Weatherby both at 400 yards

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Caribou gun

I lived in Alaska for 38 years and you can use almost any caliber for caribou. There have been more harvested with a 22 mag from a boat than just about any round used. That being said, my favorite round for hunting in AK is a 338. I have used it for everything from moose and sheep to coyotes. My reason for a 338 is that most of the time you are hunting in Alaska you will be in bear country. That 06 starts to feel pretty small when you have a big boar moving at you through the pucker brush. All the guys I hunt with use to use 06's and 270's (I have a few myself and they are great calibers) but they all switched after seeing the performance of the 338.

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Re: What gun to use while hunting caribou?

Here! Here! to ak hobie!! I lived in AK for 17 years and worked through various parts of the Bush. The .338 is hard to beat! I have two. Most of my hunting for 'bou is on the Mulchatna herd outside of Illiama; bear country. However, having said the .338, I would not recommend it if you are not comfortable with the gun; afraid of the recoil. If you have a trusty .30-06 that you are comfortable shooting, take that one. Good luck and enjoy the meat!!!

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