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What grain load for bear hunting 30.06?

I took out a shoulder and put a hole the size of a 50 cent piece through both lungs of my bear this spring with a 165 grain Accubond out of a .308 at 22 yards. The bullet came out the other side and kept going with plenty of energy, too. An '06 will do just fine with any decent bullet.

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What grain load for bear hunting 30.06?

I shot my Utah black bear with my .243 Win. and 100 grain remington core lokt. Worked great. Black bears are not that tough to put down. Hit them good and they are done.

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What grain load for bear hunting 30.06?

In .30-06 any bullet from 150 grain to 180 grain.

I hunted them with 130 grain bullet in my .270 Win and it did the trick just fine.

As hightopoutfitter put it, black bear to me didn't seem to be that difficult to put down either. But then again I've only taken two black bear in my life.

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