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What Does Your State Rank??????

Guns and Ammo has come out with a rating for the best states for gun owners. 

So where does the state that you live in come it at. 

I'm here in Colorado which is a dismal #40 which is a sad stateof affairs, but I hope it will start to change after the next election.  On a side note on Colorado's Senators Udal, and Bennet.  They both voted for the UN International Gun Ban Treaty.  Udal may be in for a fight to keep his seat but Bennet has a couple more years to screw with us. 



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The Great State of Montana is

The Great State of Montana is #8

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Numero Uno.


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Hey Critter, there's always

Hey Critter, there's always the chance he gets struck by lightning - or a truck.....  To many damn liberals here in CO, not the same state it once was.  Still love living here and being in the mountains, but the liberals gotta' go.  In the 90's, I remember going into the woods, shooting, hunting, wearing a sidearm, etc. and no one thought twice of it.  It was Colorado and what you'd expect.  If dickenlooper, udal, and bennett don't go away soon, I hate to see what'll happen.

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no surprise

no surpise - the only place worse than here in NY is DC

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