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what do you think of the .223?

The VZ-58S is an AK similar semi-auto rifle that is sold in Canada and restricted but it looks a lot like the AK-47 and is 7.62x39. Not real accurate from what I hear but accurate enough to be functional.

As far as the hi-cap AR-15 mags for the pump gun... it is still a no-go. You are right about the first part of the regs that state there is no capacity limit on a "manual action" rifle but the funny part of the law is that the mags also have their own laws to contend with. Any AR-15 mag sold and owned in Canada has to be pinned to 5 rds. Any more than 5 rds are a prohibited item in Canada. Brick Wall,) But it gets better... There is an AR-15 pistol called the LAR-15 and it is allowed to use 10 rd mags in Canada. Since the mags are identical to AR-15 mags they work in AR-15s and as long as they are LAR-15 mags, they are legal to use in your AR-15 or your rem. 7615. What? Soooooo, with the right LAR-15 mags, we are limited to 10 rds in our AR-15s. Got to love Canada's gun laws.