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what do you score him at??????

can't figure out how to get the pic to show up here?

some of his forks are a bit small but a decent buck.

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what do you score him at??????

non tipical rack not to heavy tiny eye gaurds, but great width pushing 30" lots of trash, definately a shooter. Mid 180 class buck

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what do you score him at??????

ill thow out an upper 180's low 190's. the photos on the blog do it a LOT more justice than the top link.

sweet buck.

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what do you score him at??????

Dutch30, when you're typing your post you will see an area below the box that says "add an attachment" - search your hard drive and click "add attachment." You can post up to three photos per post. If you wish to post more, just reply to your own thread and add more.

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what do you score him at??????

you cant see how wide he is and if you can send a front view just looking at that pic i think he is only 27-28 wide not supper heavy and short on the tines. my guess would be a 160-170. the buck in this pic that my buddy took is only 174, sorry im not trying to take anything from your buck just trying to show a 170 buck that is short on the tines this buck is 32inch wide and is a 5x8 their are a few cheaters that you cant see

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what do you score him at??????

This buck would definitely gross in the upper 190's. He has good forks, good mainbeams, and decent mass. Those extra points add up fast! He may even be better than that.

hunter g,
Your buddies buck is a good buck, but as far as score he is nowhere close to the buck in the picture. Your buddies buck has very short points and very short mainbeams. The buck will not even get full credit for insinde spread becuase of the short mainbeams. Not bashing your friends deer just my 2 cents.

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aw thanks!

thanks, didn't see that at first.

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what do you score him at??????

if you want a buck to compare him 2 look at my mule deer by NEVERSUMMER
that one green scored 184
very nice deer no matter the score

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what do you score him at??????

I'm a few days late here, but I'd also guess mid-180's. There's as many deductions as there is extra points.

I say who cares what he scores... just shoot and tag that hog!


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Re: what do you score him at??????

id say easly 190 nice buck. Evil!

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Re: what do you score him at??????

Nicer than anything I've killed , I'm with AZ thunder-shoot the hog, the deductions will add up , cool lookin rack!

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