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What Do You Love Most?

Ok fellas and gals.....what is it about spring Turkey hunting that you love most?

For me, I love the whole experience, everything from the weather, to the birds, to the interaction, to the actual "hunting" and "camo'ing" yourself up, as well as the wild stories everyone has and the time spent with family and friends in the woods and experiencing it together....I love it all!!!!

Is there anything in particular that makes you love the spring hunt for these wild and crazy birds?

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What Do You Love Most?

What Do I Love Most Think Well for starters, good question StruttinAnRuttin Thumbs up I'd have to say everything as well ! But if I had to point out a few things, my list would go as...........................................

Opening morning for me has to be on top of my list! I waited so long and put in so many hours of scouting, calling practice and equipment prepping. That when that days finally gets here, I can't sleep, eat and I feel like I'm ready to explode.

First light watching the night sky break into day and hearing the woods waking up!

Hearing that first gobble of the morning coming form the gobbler I put to sleep the evening before!

Watching a gobbler pitch down 100 yards out. Strutting a little, and then running towards me only to stop and strut and gobble! Then start running again. Watching him do this all the way to my calling.

Calling in two hot gobblers and watching them both double gobble at your calling while racing each other in to your gun range.

Having a silent gobbler pop out from nowhere 20 yards in front of me and watching his head changing from red, white and blue back to white with my gun lying across my lap. It's a real plus if he gobbles a few time right in front of me.

An early afternoon after having a bad day of hunting, you hit your calls like crazy in a last ditch effort to get a response and you do! From less than 30 yards over a small knoll or hillside.

Calling to a gobbler and having him answer every call you throw at him. Even the calls you didn't mean to make and he still gobbles back to ya.

These things don't happen every year for but when they do it very very special Big smile And this list could go on forever but I believe some of you get the idea. I'd also have to add that most of my greatest experience and memories while hunting turkeys are on hunts that never even got to pull the trigger on.

Good Luck & Hunt Safe

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What Do You Love Most?

boy, that list pretty much sums it up. but there's a few more for me.

the first and formost is getting to hunt one on one with my father. w/ deer hunting we have a few guys that hunt together, and it kinda takes away from the one on one deal. we got two different seasons this year, but he's agreed to come out and call for me. (besides, his calling is better).

i'd also have to say the smell of the woods on a spring morning is darn near unbeatable. it just makes thing come alive in me that have been stored away all winter.

and ofcourse, now you can add all the excitment of hearing the birds calling/answering your calls. coming in to your calls. watching the strutting.

all of this ranks way above "the kill" for me. although, i do love to pull the trigger, that also means the end of my season. the fact of the matter is, i LOVE it all. when you put all of that stuff together, that's what makes me not be able to sleep the night before my opening morning. that's what makes me feverishly crazy for weeks before my season start.

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What Do You Love Most?

WOW Strut One thing Think You're asking a very hard question! I agree with these other fellas, so many things that are enjoyable about Turkey Huntin'.
I think the single most loveable aspect for me would be....................hmm.................the magic of Spring! To me being able to get out and see the transformation from a long frigid winter turn to the green landscape and hearing all the creatures coming to a renewed life during spring is priceless. Smelling that clean fresh smell after a spring shower, seeing all the trees come back to life, and hearing a half dozen gobblers sounding off at daybreak on the ridge just 75 yds away are all sure signs that Spring is finally here!!!! YIPPEEE Big smile

A close second is when you get that old Gobbler in close enough to hear that unmistakeable drumming, gives me chills just thinking about it Yes

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What Do You Love Most?

I forgot to mention morels Brick Wall,) Can't have turkey hunting without mentioning morels. um um umm ummmm Thumbs up

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What Do You Love Most?

Being out hunting in the spring is my favorite part of spring turkey hunting. Seeing the woods come back to life after the long winter and being out there and being a part of it all is the best part of life.
Nothing beats seeing a fawn stumbling around trying to figure out how to use his new legs.....his new everything. It's also the time of year when you have the best chance to see black bears moving because it is their breeding season too.
Listening to a flock of turkeys up on the roost in the predawn light and all the toms trying to outcall the other toms is just awsome!

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