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on my way...

numbnutz wrote:

we need some more cat hunters

If you supply the hounds, I'll be there in a heartbeat. ha I'd love to have a pack but don't want to feed and listen to em year round.

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squirrels, rabbits, deer,

squirrels, rabbits, deer, elk, bear, yotes, pigs, turkeys, groundhogs, some duck & geese hunting at times and I may apply for a Swan permit this year

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I pretty much hunt

I pretty much hunt everythiing, I do hunt out of state for Antelope, turkey and waterfowl.  My true passion is elk hunting which I only do in CO...for now!

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I hunt

I am all about Deer, Elk, Bear, Kitty cats, yotes, Grouse, been wanting to try turkey hunting but just have not had the oppurtunity yet. and this all is done in the state of Washington. although i have hunted in Oregon when i lived there. we would head up to the sled springs area for deer and elk. Love it over there.  Thumbs up

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Whatever is in season!

Our licenses in California start on July 1st and the first season that is open for me is rabbits.  So I usually start off with a couple of rabbit hunts followed by archery deer, doves, quail, general (rifle) deer season, 2nd archery season and band tail pigeons, then more quail and rabbits until the end of January.  That's it until the end of March when spring turkey kicks in. 

Pigs are available year-round and I think this is finally the year I break down and go after some fresh pork!

I always have my eye open for an opportunity at taken down a wiley coyote but haven't sealed the deal yet in Cali.

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