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what to do if bear walks up on you?

i agree i will never turn my back. then you are vulnerable.

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what to do if bear walks up on you?

i can understand where you are coming from wanting advise on how other hunters would a proach this but i always carrie a pistol just incase of this or any other animals sneeking up on me and my rifle is messed up. other than carrie a pistol they do have bear spray witch would give you a couple mins to get away. glad you made it home safe.

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what to do if bear walks up on you?
atomikall wrote:
Another thing to add you said turn around and walk away slowly, You can turn your back to a black bear if you want but I sure aint ever gonna just my view on this.

I wasn't meaning to turn around with a bear behind me.
I was meaning to back away slowly. I miss wrote it.

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what to do if bear walks up on you?

STOP. DROP, and ROLL AWAY as if you were on fire.

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