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What do I do with the head?

My dad farms and was combining beans and saw a buck lying dead in a waterway. He called me so I went and found it. I don't no how long it was dead. Long enough to have next to nothing but bones. He is a big 10 with a single drop tine so I want to do some thing but what do I do? He has some fur on the side of the skull and is rotting. How do I take it off or do I just cut the antlers off the top. Thanks for the help.

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What do I do with the head?

You might want to check with your fish and game to see if you need a salvage tag or something similar to legally possess it.

Google cleaning skulls and you'll find lots of info on it. You can boil the skull to clean it and then mount it for a european mount.

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What do I do with the head?

yea a Euro mount would be nice for that....cheapest way to mount them too

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What do I do with the head?

get it in boiling water for about a half hour and than hit it with a power washer.

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What do I do with the head?

What you want to do is simmer it in a water and borax solution to remove what is left on the skull along with removing as much of the oils that are still in the bones. If you boil it you stand the chance of the skull coming apart that is why you should simmer it. Then once you remove and let it dry you can put on some peroxide to whiten it further. VanDykes Taxidermy http://www.vandykestaxidermy.com/product/102434/52524 if you want to go that way. They also have a plastic skull that you just place the antlers into if you don't want to go the peroxide way. Cabela's also sells a mounting kit witch is quite nice.

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