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what a crazy couple months.

Well with the 2010 seasons over and the holidays gone I've turned my attention to a little fishing and planning my 2011 hunts. In early Dec I tore a muscle in my upper back and was laid up for a week or so then on light duty at work. Now that I'm feeling a heck of a lot better I've hit the river a few times for some steelhead( caught 2). The past few days I've been researching new areas to hunt this bow season. still also planning my back packing trip in sept. looks more like its gonna be a solo wilderness hunt as my dad and brother have backed out. What have the rest of you been up to?

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Well, our archery season

Well, our archery season ended just a week and a half ago, so up till then I was hunting... Wink

For now, I am on a hiatus, performing many honey-dos and such.  Gotta earn some hunting days, cause our turkey season starts in just over 70 days.  I figure I will get out and scout a little for that, but I already know where the birds are, I can just never get them..... Brick Wall

Other than that, trying to suffer through another diet.  I hit the heaviest I have been over the holidays, and my sister threw down the gauntlet.  I am down 6 pounds in the first week, aiming for about 40.  Truthfully though, I'd be happy just to get to 25, then go from there..... Yes


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Numbnutz. An affectionate

Numbnutz. An affectionate apalaide for a guy that stands in water up to his waist in January trying to catch a fish!:lol:   Well I may enter that circle part way. I fished for those things for two years when I lived in Valsetz, many many years ago. Never have seen one! Have seen a lot of guys that appeared to be hooked up on bottom that the rod suddenly goes straight and they proclaim for all to hear, "damn, it broke me off on a rock"! Yea, right. Well either this weekend or early next week I'm gonna load up the dog's, the shotgun and the fishing rod and head for Shears Falls then turn toward Macks Canyon and see if I can find either some of these things called steelhead or maybe a few quail with the dogs. I'm quite certain I'm on the right path as I have a 7'6" casting rod with an Ambassador 5000, have figured out how to make those slip floats work and got a couple jigs, pink! Don't tell anyone about that! But I will be standing on shore and casting out. I can find no reason at this point in my career to risk numbnutz!Dancing

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i spent most of this winter

i spent most of this winter planning a sheep hunt that i didn't get a tag for. and i really though this was the year too.

now, i feel like i'm planning an impromptu elk hunt as a result. but colorado might just treat me right anyways. but i'm sure most of you have been in this boat before too.

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