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What constitutes "permission to hunt"

Howdy folks. Mom passed away in the spring, and my sister and I inherited the family farm, been in the family for six generations. Neither of us hunts, but we've been approached by some family friends about hunting the land. We're all for it, but want to make sure we have folks sign a waiver or some such thing, just in case something bad happens.

If there's anyone out there that knows the laws in NC, and if there's a standard form that you can have folks sign, please shoot a post onto this thread.

We appreciate the feedback

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What constitutes "permission to hunt"

Welcome to BGH flavordave.
Sorry to hear about your Mom. My Condolences to the Family.

I would suggest that you contact an Attorney. Spend the $150 and get the expert advice.
Most waviers are not worth the paper they are printed on when you end up in court over something.
At the least, you should require anyone hunting your land that is not blood related to carry some sort of General Liability Insurance to cover such accidents.

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What constitutes "permission to hunt"

X2 on getting them to sign a waiver and purchase some GL insurance. I would have them cover the $150 charge as well. Hunting land is expensive to lease. They will surely be getting a good deal still. They should be able to get a descent GL Policy pretty cheap.

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