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What Compound Bow do you prefer?

Im looking into getting a Mathews, friends say it the best of the best. What's your opinion on Mathews and/or what do you prefer?

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What Compound Bow do you prefer?

Might as well get the Bow that Mathews always copies and tries to claim as thier own technology and thats a BowTech!

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What Compound Bow do you prefer?

I have a Mathews Switchback, but you can't go wrong with a Hoyt, Bowtech, PSE or one of the other major brands. Try as many as you can and get the one that feels best to you.

The Reezen and Monster are nice bows, but I'm not sure if I'd get one of them or the Drenalin instead. The first two are faster, but the Drenalin was smoother.

Still, my Switchback is a dream to shoot and I don't need the extra speed so I'm content with it.

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What Compound Bow do you prefer?

Mathews makes a good bow no question, but so do a lot of other companys.
I own a PSE and a High Country. Both are good solid bows and both kill deer (and bear) just as dead as a Mathews.
What you really want to do is go to multiple pro shops and test fire different brands. What is more important in this excercise is to feel out the shops owners. Like I said there are lots of really good bows out there. As far as finding a GOOD bow shop owner that will go the extra mile taking care of there costomers? That is worth looking for and buying the brand that they sell and starting a relationship. The big chain stores have great deals and coustomer service but when you accidently break your bow at 9:00 the night before opening day they are not going to open the shop special to help you out!
Just my 2 cents on buying a bow.

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What Compound Bow do you prefer?

I agree with ADK......

test as many different brands and styles to get the one that feels best to you! then buy the one you can afford........

I shoot a 2009 PSE XForce Dreamseason:

28 inches of 71 pounds of pure heaven in my hands

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What Compound Bow do you prefer?

I have shot a PSE, Bowtech and of course my Hoyt, but I have never shot a Matthews, but I do not think I would give up my Hoyt for anything else!!

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What Compound Bow do you prefer?

Thumbs up I have to agree with everyone..I still shoot the Mathews Outback just because i've gotten so comfortable with that bow. My dad and brother both shoot Bowtech though, which are def. awesome bows. You def. need to go to your local shops and test shoot a few different bows. Get one you feel comfortable with..

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