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What is Colorado's Best TROPHY ELk Area?

Elkworks, what kind of bull are you looking for? Or are you looking for more of a great experience. I don't know any G & O's , I was just curious on what you are looking for.

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What is Colorado's Best TROPHY ELk Area?

Well with the amount of points I have accumulated I would like to get something respectable for the investment of the time not getting a first choice when I could have paid $33 for a tag instead of $500. I was saving up for a 201 hunt to get a "trophy". But to your question of what am I looking for, I know what the reality is of Colorado versus the idea many have of what a trophy is. A bull in the 320 or better class I guess would be ideal.

The Guide issue is simply because I want to be on a good lease or far enough back in to have a good chance and since i am 1500 miles away now I can't scout it and do it self-guided realistically. So if I am going to have to pay a service I might as well get a good one and let them do their job and focus on being a good and prepared client, while relaxing and taking it all in.

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Re: What is Colorado's Best TROPHY ELk Area?
kentuckynet wrote:
What is Colorado's Best TROPHY ELk Area?


Rocky Mountain National Park

But a word of warning... don't try to call the bulls in front of a park ranger like I did. Shame on You!

All goofiness aside I'd say GU 61.

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