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What calls work best for you?

I was just wondering what type of calls everyone uses and which one works best? I have tried a mouth call and I just can't get it to work right. I have a box call that I use all of the time. This ismy favorite call. I also have one of those calls that you shake and it sounds like a gobbler. I have gotten turkeys to gobble back at me when I used this call but never had any come in with it. Also, which type of call sounds work best for you, cutting, clucking? Let me know. Thanks.

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I have all kinds of calls

I have all kinds of calls from the box, slate, mouth and then those spring loaded box calls.  I like my mouth calls the best, maybe it stems from calling elk but I can make way more sounds from the mouth call.  My second choise would be a wodden box call becasue if the ease to make all the basic sounds it takes to kill a turkey.

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I use a H S Strut box call, 

I use a H S Strut box call,  Its worked great for me.

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I've killed birds with box,

I've killed birds with box, slate, and diaphragm calls. The mouth call leaves my hands free, but I still find myself directing the sound with my hand. I use all of them until I strike one, and then give him more of the same.

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