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G5 Montec. Best blades I have

G5 Montec. Best blades I have used.

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Shuttle-T Love the way they


Love the way they shoot just like field tips!

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Grim reapers......

Grim reapers......

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Muzzy 3 blade 100gr

Muzzy 3 blade 100gr

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I have always used muzzy 100

I have always used muzzy 100 grain 3 blades. I have never tried anything else though. Thinking about making a switch.

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Ive changed to rage 2 blade.

Ive changed to rage 2 blade.

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I used the Rage 2 blade this

I used the Rage 2 blade this year and would use them again. Here is a picture of some camp meat with the rage 2 blade.


2010 deer (1).jpg
2010 deer (1).jpg1.49 MB
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I have been using the Muzzy 3

I have been using the Muzzy 3 blade for years and have never had an issue. They have always flown great for me and are super tough. The replaceable blades are a snap to change and hold up well.

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Slicks for me

I'm using 4-blade Slick Trick Standards.  When I started bow hunting I was slingin' 125 grain Thunderheads but then I got intrigued in the mechanicals and between my curiosity and the fact that I had switched settings on my bow and arrows (now shooting 100 grain), I tried a couple out.  First, I tried the Rage 3-blades.  I just never could get used to having the blades open all the time.  I changed the o-rings and the blades still would pop open all the time in my quiver or even while an arrow was on the just rest.  I bought an Octane quiver with the magnetic hood thinking that less contact in the quiver would help, but it didn't.  So, I switched to the Rage 2-blades.  They didn't seem to open as easily as the 3-blades so I was happy in that respect.  I arrowed a deer during my first season with the 2-blades and only one of the blades deployed.  I never found the deer and one was all it took for me to change again.  I then switched to Sonoran 2-blades (more commonly known as Swhacker) and really liked the way they flew.  But, they have a small piece of heat shrink tubing that is used to hold the blades in place.  Once again, I didn't like the fact that I had to worry whether or not my blades were going to open when I needed them to open OR whether they would open when I didn't want them to.  I gave up on the mechanicals and went back to the Thunderheads (100 grain).  After reading a lot about Slick Tricks, I decided to give them a try one day.  I bought a pack of three and started shooting them a lot.  I really liked them but had one little issue.  The blades were a little loose and therefore made a little rattling noise (which drives me crazy!) in the quiver.  So, I put them in the broad head bag in the garage and screwed the Thunders back in.  A couple of months later we had this very discussion on another board, that I am a member of, and I mention the issue with the rattling blades in the Slicks.  A fellow member, and ST user, suggested that I contact the owner because he had never had the same issue I was having.  I followed his advice and the result of that conversation and the following customer service I received made me a Slick Trick customer for good.  They fly as true as any tip I have ever had on one of my arrows and I couldn't be happier!

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