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It happens with loose and

It happens with loose and pellet powders.

After one shot it can be a nut wrencher to get the next charge down the bore. A good sealed up ignition system makes it worse due to all of the heat-gasses getting into the bore, VS a loose ignition system that allows a ton of blow by.


Years ago for example i had a Winchester X150 bolt action muzzy and it was filthy due to the slotted breech plug which dumped the primers heat and gasses into the muzzys action. I had zero issues with crud rings and never had to clean the bore between shots, or even after 20+ shots. But once the newer break actions with a tightly sealed up primer came out, it was a new game to learn again.

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This makes sense... I have a

This makes sense... I have a loose ignition system that will not ignite BH209.

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Mark Your Ramrod

It was mentioned that the crud ring can inadvertantly keep the bullet from contacting the powder charge when being loaded.  Quite possible.  That's the main reason that every ramrod in every muzzleloader I own have been scored/marked at the muzzle while sitting on a loaded charge.  Typically once I've figured out the hunting load that rifle likes I rarely change it.  Putting a witness mark on the ramrod lets me know instantly if the bullet hasn't been set deep enough in the barrel.  It also lets me know if there's a load in it, if I forgot to put powder in it (happens to every body who's burned more than a couple cans of powder), etc.

The ramrod in my Hawken that I used to use both for hunting and for rondezvous had a couple of marks, indicating target loads or hunting loads.  Once I get to a good load for a particular rifle, you can bet the truck the ramrod will be marked.

Interesting theory on closed vs open breaches causing the crud ring.  I've never had the problem but then I don't as yet own a closed breach rifle.

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Blackhorn 209

Bought 5# can of BH209 and CCI 209 magnum primers. Going out today for some testing and grouping using 200gr Dead Center sabots. I will post results later.

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How'd that work out for you?

Just wondering how your range time went with that big jug of BH209; surely you're geared up for this year's big game seasons by now. 

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