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what is the best public land in co.

hi yall i have a few questions about hunting on public land in south east co.

1. where are the best odds for me to get drawn for a mule deer and antelope tag with no pref points ?

2. where is the best public land to hunt ?

3. what time of the season is best?

where do i get all the info i need to get started.

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what is the best public land in co.

Are you a resident or non-resident? Why do you want to hunt Southeast Colorado? Either way, what you are asking for is very difficult if you want to shoot a buck pronghorn. The big game statistics page on the Colorado Division of Wildlife Website shows the minimum number of points needed for every unit, and you'll see that the antelope buck tags in areas where significant public land exists requires more than 0 points. Also, there is only one real piece of major public land in Southeast Colorado, that's the Comanche National Grasslands.
I'd recommend Wyoming if you would like a deer/antelope combo hunt.

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what is the best public land in co.

In addition to the highly checkerboarded and fragmented Comanche National Grasslands, there is the Pinon Canyon Manuever Area. Also, assuming the DOW brings it back for a second year, there is the Big Game Walk-in program in units 121, 122, 126 & 127. This permit will cost you $40 and offers access to a large amount of private land. You can also put in for the Chancellor Ranch State Land draw. See the website for details. There are a lot of antelope in these units but not many boomer bucks. Antelope are not popular with most landowners out here. I'd suggest you check with the DOW area managers and ask them for a contact list of people who complain about antelope on their cropland.

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what is the best public land in co.

No preference points Eastern Co!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck my friend. As the others have stated mainly private property out East and you need points to draw a deer or buck antelope tag. You may be able to draw a doe antelope tag without points in some units.

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Comanche National Antelope

Hey there, it is awesome hunting for good goats down in Comanche. I drew that tag this year after an 8 year wait and i am a resident. If you are looking to hunt that area you better start puting in for preference points yesterday. The area is full of good lopes and has over 300,000 acres of land to hunt including; washes, buttes, arroyos, flats, etc. AWESOME PLACE!, here is a video of the quality bucks you can find down there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK1ygRcdJL0&feature=plcp John

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