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No, the only animal I was

No, the only animal I was around that was hunted with dogs was wild boar.  I imagine hunting a cat with dogs would be really cool.  I have an image of the lead dog perched on the hood of the truck as they drive the roads looking to pick up a scent.  The dogs love to hunt.

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From what I see here and

From what I see here and other places on the net Rage is #1.

I used it (Rage 2 blade) for the first time this year and was very happy with the way it worked. I had never seen so much blood in all of my life. My deer only went about 30 yards. I will be useing them again.

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I am impressed with the Grim

I am impressed with the Grim Reaper expandables, took down my first archery buck!



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I cant use moveable

I cant use moveable broadheads in oregon so I have no personal experiance with any of them, but from what i see and read online is that the Rage 2 and 3 blade work very well, I've also heard the Grim reapers work very well too. The ones I would love to use are the Blood runners from NAP, to me it looks like the best from both world. a fixed head that expands and even if it didnt open it will still put a big hole in a critter. Here's what i dont get, there not legal to use here in OR but i see them on the shelves in the stores. who knows mabe the odfw will make them legal one of these years.

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The rages do their job but i always felt they lacked penetration. I now use the T3's from G5.  The penetration and wound is insane.  Plus i love that they dont deplow when you pull them out of your quiver/

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Trophy Taker Edge Broadhead

I have read quite a bit about the new Trophy Taker - Edge Broadhead.  It was developed by Randy Ulmer and was field tested by some hard core elk hunters.  This broadhead is new and is due to come out later this year (2012).  This broadhead has rear deploying blades and there is a practice mode that locks the blades so they can be shot into broadhead targets without deploying the blades.  We can't use expanding broadheads in Oregon, but if I hunt out of state, I will give these a serious look.

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