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What are your big bore handguns

Here are my big bore handgun.

Ruger Redhawk 4 inch 44 Mag
Ruger Blackhawk 4 5/8 inch 45 Colt
Ruger Super Redhawk 2.5 inch custom 454 Casull
LAR Grizzly 4 inch 45 Win Mag
BFR 10 inch 45-70
S&W 7.5 inch PC model 460 S&W Mag
BFR 6 inch custom 500 Mag
S&W 4 inch 500 Mag

I had a few of the S&W 460 and 500 Mags, but my buddy are now the proud owners of them.

What big bore do you have?

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What are your big bore handguns

I had a 41 man Ruger at one time, couldn't shoot it. Fooled with a friends 44 mag. Lots of fun with cast bullets but couldn't handle it with jacketed bullets. Biggest handgun I have now is a SW 38/44 that I shoot only cast in and love it. Also have a SW k32 that I shoot cast in and love it.

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What are your big bore handguns

I mainly hunt with T/C Contenders chambered for Rifle Type Cartridges for Varmints, Predators and Whitetail Deer and I carry a Kimber 1911 Model BP TEN II .45 ACP every day at work.

I do not currently own a Big Bore Revolver, a situation I hope to rememdy in the not to distant future. I have had a few .44 Magnum Revolvers over the years, as well as a few .357 Magnum Revolvers. I do not consider the .357 Magnum adequate for Hunting anything larger than Coyotes. As such I have narrowed my choices down to either a Ruger Blackhawk (7 1/2") in .45 Colt or a Ruger Super Blachhawk (7 1/2") .44 Magnum.

This Revolver will be scoped, probably with a 2x Handgun Scope or maybe a low magnification variable. The main uses will be for Whitetail Deer Hunting, with maybe the possibility of taking it on a few Coyote Calling outtings. However I may have an opportunity to venture to northern Minnesota on a Black Bear Hunt in the future as well.

Decisions, decisions. I have been pouring over load data, making ballistics charts and calculating recoil. It looks to me like the main difference is in the available bullets available for each cartridge / caliber. I am kind of leaning towards the .44 Magnum just because of the sheer number of different bullets available for it.


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What are your big bore handguns

I have 2, 454 casull, a 12"Encore and a 8/38" Raging Bull by Taurus. The Encore is a beast! Lots of recoil!!!!

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What are your big bore handguns

I have got this handguns:

-Revolver Astra 44 magnum 6"

-Glock 27 40s&w



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What are your big bore handguns

Since I travel in the high & back country quite often, I chose the Kahr .45 to help deter any grizz or lion who might want a closer sniff at me. Only has room for 6 + 1, but I figure if I ever get in a spot and 6 or 7 shots are not enough; thenI hope the bear lives a long life on so much 'fatty' nutrition!LOL.

Though the benifits of such a small bigger bore gun, by far outweigh the shortage of rounds. I carried it several times this past summer on backcountry fishing trips of 10-20 miles round trip, and never noticed I had it! I cannot say the same about other 44s and 45s I have carried in the past!

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What are your big bore handguns

I currently have three 357.'s, three 45 acp's a 45 Colt and a 40 smith in addition to the rest of my 9's, 22's etc. I have always wanted one of the bigger magnums but living in an urban area as I do a cannot justify getting one. Maybe one day I'l come up with an excuse to buy one just to have it. Anyway those are the biggest I have. If I need bigger I can use my 338 win mag rife or one of my shotguns.