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What are the greatest new gadets/products you have used this year?

I know some of you have not yet started your hunting seasons, but please chime in as you get out in the field this year. Every year there are the newest, latest, and greatest gizmo's, gadgets, and devices that come out, and I would like to know what new things you have tried this year and how they worked for you.

For me, I have to give a solid two-thumbs-up for the Havalon Piranta scaple blade knife. It is literally a razor blade in your hands and it is amazing for gutting and skinning. As soon as it gets dull all you need to do is change out the blade for a new lazer sharp edge (about $30 at Sportsmans Guide).

Another new product I used this year is The Claw skinning tool. Cabelas sell it for about $40, but Sportsmans Guide has a cast iron version for only $20. It works great for grabbing on to hide and pulling it as you skin you animal.

One more great new product we used this year is a tripod game hanger. I worked great for the 6 antelope we used it on (since there are very few trees in WY to hang up a carcass). Very stout and sturdy,and I'm sure it could handle an elk. I think Cabelas sells one for $180, but again, but SportsmansGuide has one for only $90.

I don't want to sound like a salesman for Sportsmans Guide (which I'm not), but they have great products and great prices as compared to other retail sporting goods stores. Let us know what other great products you used this year and how you rate them.

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My 2cents

Last Whitetail season I used a "Butt Out" for the first time.  Man, that little piece of plastic is not only a time saver but assures less chance of tainting meat.  Great deal.

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