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What animals does fox urine attract?

Hey guys, It may sound like a dumb question, but what animals are attracted to the smell of fox urine, we bought a can of stuff called predator bomb. Also how would you use this if your setting up a wildlife camera, spray the ground, trees what? Thanks.

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What animals does fox urine attract?

I would think other foxes and coyotes as yotes will kill and eat fox.

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What animals does fox urine attract?

I googled it and it is basically a cover scent. I've used fox urine as a cover scent for deer hunting.

This is intended for predator hunting as a cover scent, but with some attractent qualities according to the website.

Basically, you use it so the coyote doesn't smell you and to provide assurance to your wife that you were indeed hunting and not at the bar. Big smile

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What animals does fox urine attract?

CVC found good info. It's meant to be a cover. I've used it to mask human scent when trapping.

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What animals does fox urine attract?

LoL CVC. Yep I also heard trappers use it around here.

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