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What 6 guns?

22 LR Ruger 10/77
50 cal in line muzzleloader- TC Omega
12 Ga o/u Browning Citori
16 Ga o/u Browning Citori
.338 Federal Tikka T3
.260 Rem Rem Model 7

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What 6 guns?

There are some good choices here. Doesn't surprise me to see so many 22 rf's.

What got me to thinking along these lines was a few years ago Craig Boddington did a survey on what rifles people would have if they could only have 4. Also I have an eight gun safe so this would put me close to the limit.

I can safely say this because my wife doesn't read the forum but I pretty well have enough guns. I will be storing my brother's guns for him while he is stationed on Guam. Between us we have (3) - 8 gun safes overloaded. I want more time to hunt.

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What 6 guns?

.243 Lever - For NS deer; will do the job on a deer and not blow apart a rabbit since that seems to be what I see the most of when deer hunting here

.308 Lever - Deer and bush Moose

.30-06 semi-auto - Bear, Moose and Elk

.45-70 Lever - bush Moose and Bear

.50cal Traditions Pursuit Stalker

12ga slug gun, semi-auto - Ontario deer

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What 6 guns?

22LR (Ruger 10/22)
22-250 Bolt
270 win.
12 ga.
28 ga.
.50 cal. muzzle loader

That is more guns then I have now, but something I'm looking forward too.

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What 6 guns?

.22 mag bolt-action
.223 semi varmint grade ar-15
12 gauge pump-action
45-70 lever-action
30-06 bolt-action
.375 H&H double rifle (for the trip of a lifetime to Africa)
Thumbs up

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What 6 guns?

17 HMR
223 Rem
308 Win
338 Lapua
50 Cal Smokepole
12Ga (SBE or Xtrema2)

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What 6 guns?

22 RF
20 Ga S X S
280 rem single shot
7mm rem mag left hand bolt
38-55 or 45-70 in Win M 1885
58 cal black powder

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What 6 guns?

22LR - Semiauto
20 ga - Pump or semi
45 or 50 cal - ML
7mm-08 - Bolt
30-06 - Bolt or Pump
375 H&H - Bolt or Single Shot (ie ruger #1)

BUT I need more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes

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What 6 guns?

Not fair, but since I don't hunt varmints it makes my life easier. I guess for North America:
12 gauge pump
.350 rem mag model 7 custom
.35 whelen 7600
.30-06 bolt action
.50 cal muzzle loader
7mm-08 or .280 bolt action

Those would cover everything I know I'll ever hunt, but if i was going to africa add:
.458 lott double
.375 h&h bolt
an ar-15 style .223 would be fun but expensive and a pain to find in canada.

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What 6 guns?
jim muir wrote:

an ar-15 style .223 would be fun but expensive and a pain to find in canada.

It's not that they are hard to find in Canada(half a dozen or more vendors), it is the fact that they are restricted so we would not be able to hunt with them if we had them. They are strictly a target rifle for us until the Can. gov. gets their head out of their...... Thumbs up

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