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What 6 guns?

I am here at work, things are slow, and there is nothing to hunt. So I hope the readers will indulge me in a question. If you were limited to 6 long guns for ALL of your hunting what calibers & actions would they be? No fair having an Encore with umpteen barrels. For this question each barrel would count as one of your guns. I'll go first.

.22 rf bolt action
.50 or 54 cal Hawken style muzzle loader
12 ga pump shotgun
.375 H&H bolt action (I like it for most of my big game hunting)
.243 bolt action (I am not a real dedicated varminter & this is a cross over rig)
.30/30 lever

My only qualification would be the centerfire rifles would have to shoot my handloads. I don't do factory ammunition.

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What 6 guns?

8mm Mauser

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What 6 guns?

-22 lr semi
-308 semi
-12ga pump
-54-50Hawken style
-300 wetherbey mag bolt
-6.5x55 bolt

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What 6 guns?

-22 lr
-54-50Hawken style
-300 wetherbey mag
-6.5x55 bolt

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What 6 guns?

22 Mag CZ 452 Varmint
7mm Rem Mag Sako AV Deluxe left handed bolt action
444 Marlin Marlin 444s lever action
243 Win Sako Av deluxe left handed bolt action
300 Wby Mag Weatherby Mk V left handed bolt action
20ga franchi Over/Under

I own them all. I love them all.

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What 6 guns?

12 gauge o/u
20 gauge single
300 wsm
30-30 marlin

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What 6 guns?

Lyman .50 great plains
Marlin 1895 45/70
336c 30/30
xlr 35 Rem
12 GA Pump
Federal .338

That's my dream list. My birthday is in June, ok?

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What 6 guns?

22 lr

223 Rem

243 Win


308 Win

16 ga

28 ga

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Re: What 6 guns?

" No fair having an Encore with umpteen barrels. " Think
Oh well, I still would go with an Encore
And with somewhat a survivalist thought process with this type of ?, I would
hmmmmm #6????????
1st thoughts are 45-70, but still not sure, maybe a .458WM
> but if you don't mind,,,,
I'll keep the 8 I have and the 9th thats in the works Big smile
Think oh, and #10 in planning stage lol
Then I would still a 12 ga. and a .22rf
make it a even dozen and I'm all set Thumbs up


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What 6 guns?

Shotguns shouldnt count, i dont consider them a rifle. they should have there own class lol

But id Keep
My barret 50.
ruger 300 win mag
my AR 15
a 22 rifle of some sorts
and if we are counting shotguns
my 2 Brownings ( Auto 5 and Bps )

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What 6 guns?

.22 lr auto
.223 auto
12 gauge pump
30-30 Marlin lever
.308 bolt
.338 bolt

Call me crazy, but for what I hunt I could do without the .338 and .223. I just wanted to get a full six.

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