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What is the .300 win mag's effective range on a Brown Bear and a Kodiak ?

What is the effective range of a .300 win mag on a Brown Bear or a Kodiak ? I would be using a 180 grain Trophy Bonded Tip, 180 grain Barnes Triple-Shock, 200 grain Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, and 220 grain Nosler Partition Bullet. What would the effective range be on a bison ?

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There is no set answer to

There is no set answer to your question.

I'll ask you another question, how well do you shoot and how much practice do you do?

Do you know the ballistics of the round that you plan to shoot such as the speed of the bullet, the drop of the bullet at 200, 300, and 400 yards when it is sighted in at 100 yards?

Do you know how much a 10 mph cross wind will deflect the bullet at those ranges?

Way too many variables to really answer your question. I know hunters that limit their shots to 200 yards and I know others that have no problems with a 600 yard shot on the same animal.

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Idealy about 3" right into

Idealy about 3" right into the back of the skull. When you start talking about animals that just might come looking for vengence. Get yourself out and shoot your rifle from field positions and see how you do. Ask yourself if your willing to get in harms way to risk a shot like that on a bear that may weight 1500# and has a history of eating people. If I were in your shoes and shooting a 300mag, i'd go with a 200gr bullet and get as close as I could before shooting. Better to let one walk than risk p*ssing one off! When speaking of animals with an attitude I would get in as close as I could, not much more than 100yds. And use a good steong bullet, your shot might coime at 10 yds!

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.300 mag

Go for the shoulders.  It can take them awhile to figure out that they're dead, but if you break the shoulders they're not going to go anywhere while they figure it out.  I got mine with a .300 WSM using a 180 grain TSX at 114 yards.  It went through the left shoulder and exited the far side just behind the right.


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Most Alaskan guides won't let

Most Alaskan guides won't let you shoot at much more than 200 yards for good reason. Even when hit well by a 375 H&H up close some bears tear off into the thick "pucker brush" while others when shot with a 30-06 in the same place with the same brand bullet will be DRT (dead right there). Going into the thick stuff when visibility is 10 feet or less following a blood trail is an awesome experience, but given that the guides may have to do this four times a year, over 20 years or so the odds start to tilt in the bear's favor.

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My brother used to guide for

My brother used to guide for grizzlies near coper center Alaska. All his clients shot bear between 75and150yards. Close enough to ensure good shot opportunities but far enough to give him time to back up the client should a bad shot be made. It's my understanding this is common practice

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