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You are absolutely right about tone, humor, etc. being misread in an electronic format.

The other thing I find interesting is that people, because of the anonymity forget about manners and feel they can say anything to anyone. Things that they never would say face to face.

There are lots of good people posting here and some even know what they're talking about Evil!

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I think if it was fair chase it wouldn't make us look so bad. People support hunting, but when you start hunting animals in fences people start thinking that that's what hutning is about about and start not liking hunting. And you're right, the gimmicks make us look bad. It's all flashy to get people's attention and they've been marketing it on places like myspace to young people and pretending it's just regular hunting. Their goal is to attract young people and this is what we're going to let them turn into. It's very frustrating. I was very happy to see all the sponsors pull out last time. It's sad that more have stepped up to give them money and keep them going.

I heard on another forum that the guy who started WHA, I forget his name, gave a ton of money to the Michigan Humane Society. A matching donation kind of thing. And they were the ones who made dove hunting illegal in Michigan. Does anyone know if this is true, or just a myth?

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