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Wetern Kentucky

Hey Folks -

Who has hunted Western Kentucky - specifically Crittendon County.

I am looking at a lease there and was interested in local info.... deer population, buck sizes, hunting pressure... etc.

I was also wondering how well out of state hunters are received there?

Thoughts from anyone?

Thanks -


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Branching out Jim?  Before

Branching out Jim?  Before you know it, you'll have a wide swath of hunting property from the Carolinas to Illinois. lol

Wish I had the time to get out there and hunt that much.  Maybe one day, especially if I move to a more accessible location.

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I've not hunted Crittendon County, but I have hunted Christain and Todd Counties close by. The hunting in those areas is great. There are some very big bucks around especially around the farms and agriculture. If you have some property to hunt that adjoins some farmland and is private, you'll have some very good hunting IMHO. I feel very lucky to have access to the piece we have hunted the last 6 or 7 years. Kentucky has a very healthy deer herd in that area and again, some very big bucks.

Good Luck!


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cav the ky lease would


the ky lease would replace any hunting in illinois in 2011 that is for sure.

i can only hunt in one midwest area - that is all i can afford and can afford that just barely!

tndeerhunter - man i appreciate that feedback - makes me want to take a good hard look at this lease...it is definitely near agriculture and just below the Ohio river.

thanks to both of you!

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Crittenden County, KY


Crittenden County rivals anything you can find in illinois, including the triangle. Used to be a secret until Thompson center started the Game trails down there. Licenses are reasonable for non-res and the seasons are pretty liberal,  but land is tough to come by down there.i hunt Union which is is the next county north of it and also hunt Clark county in E. Central Illinois.

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BiggsWigg, Man I appreciate


Man I appreciate that information... I know where a lease is... it is a matter of getting some folks together to go in on it.

Looks like great land, right south of the Ohio river.

I would love to nail down a good location for 2011?


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