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western North Carolina bears 2002

Who else experienced the sorry example of game land management just exibited by NC in the Natatahala Game Lands this year? Dog hunters were allowed to "train" dogs on the game lands which borders Tennessee for the two weeks preceeding the NC season opener. Needless to say, when the Tennessee boys went home with their dogs, they had chased most of the bear over the state line into Tennessee, just in time for their season to open! Not one dog owner that I know of got a race started in the first two days of the season. I talked to three hunters who have hunted this area for 20, 30 and 50 years respectively. None had seen the woods so bare of game. The fellow that has hunted here for 30 years is a local dog hunter who claims to know individuals who killed four bear and three hogs during "pre-season training". He sat out the two week training season fearing what has happened to the game population would happen. I encouraged him to name the poachers but he said he couldn't prove anything and thought it best if we petitioned the state to change the rules for 2003. As for me, I took eight days off work to bear hunt and I came home after just two. If there are any NC game land employees on this forum, I would welcome your input and/or judge the accuracy of my observations.

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western North Carolina bears 2002

Hi Scott,

Sorry to hear about the situation you have going on there. It really sucks to prep all year and then have a bum-hunt. It sucks even worse if the bum-hunt wasn't because of natural conditions.

There are a lot more people that read this board than post. So there is a chance that someone from within NC's wildlife department will read your complaint. However, I would not rely on someone wandering in. Poaching and the situation you describe sounds serious and should be addressed in writing or by phone to your local wildlife officials.

Here is the website for the NC DENR, there are addresses and phone numbers listed on the site:


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western North Carolina bears 2002

Moderator is right Scott. you do need to say something. Think about it. you came home after two days because the hunting was bad right? Well then it is up to you to say something if you know what was going on.

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